You don’t have to have a Master’s Degree in “couponing” to slash your grocery budget in half!


I’ll show you how you can turn your coupons into cash by:

  • learning how to get an item for free or close to it

  • being the first to know about hot new coupons

  • efficiently organizing your coupons using a coupon organizer binder so you never miss out on an opportunity again

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We offer two systems to meet your needs.  Our Starter Edition includes everything minus a binder and our Premium Edition includes everything plus a quality Mead zippered binder with carrying handle.

Why should you buy a Coupon Magic Organizer?

We have refined this system over the last six years to be the most comprehensive system available! With our Instructional/Savings Guide you will get to learn from our years of experience.  Not only will you be armed with an amazing organizing system but you will know exactly how to put it to use and apply savings tips and techniques to take your savings to a whole new level!

You won’t have to hunt down baseball card pages, make your own dividers and figure out a system that takes you from cutting coupons to saving big at the store! Plus, our system is professionally developed and organized and simply pretty to use :)

Take it home, try it out and make sure it works for you!  If you apply the instructional guide and put the system to use, and don’t pay for the cost of the system with your increased savings in the first month, send it back!  Seriously!  We are that confident in our product and that it will change your shopping life.  We want this system to work for you and for you to love it!  If you don’t, ship it back to us and we’ll refund you the purchase of your system (see FAQ for details).  Yep, that’s a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

You have nothing to lose, but ALOT to save!



  • This guide will share all the tips and techniques we have learned! From where to find coupons and how to organize them, to how to match coupons and store sales to maximize your savings!
  • Also includes Price Book pages




  • all are top loading and the highest quality pages available
  • you will receive an assortment of 1-slot, 3-slot, 4-slot, 6-slot and 9-slot
  • you can upgrade to double sided pages which are truly amazing and hold many more coupons!




  • Plan your meals ahead of time to be super organized 
  • transfer needed ingredients to your shopping list




  • After planning your meals you can transfer all the needed ingredients to the shopping list
  • The items you need will be laid out by category
  • Shopping list colors correspond with the color-coded tabbed dividers in your organizer for quick and easy coupon finding



  • Three pocket dividers to customize to the three stores you mostly frequent
  • Keep your store inserts and shopping lists organized by store
  • Three slot pocket pages behind each divider allows you to organize your store coupons and coupons you plan to use your next trip (you’ll learn more about this in the Instructional Manual/Savings Guide)